Quiz Night

It's been a while since I have shown this blog some love, but I'm back.
I've been working on my website recently, it's taking a while to get things done as I am also working a fulltime job which has been 45-50 hrs for the past month. But its getting there, I need to sort out the images and a few tweaks, but I'm happy with it in general.

I've been asked at work to make some posters for a quiz night that we are putting on, I am trying to go for a more traditional feel, as the building has a lot of history.



I marbled the stem from my BMX, it looks amazing, even if I do say so myself. I want to marble my whole bike now.


I went on holiday to Marizion in Cornwall last week and found some stones with some amazing patterns on them, I want to use the patterns in something, but im not sure what yet. On another note, I found my girlfriends marbling inks today so I am going to try and marble anything I can lay my hands on.



Lets Recuperate (http://www.recuperate.eu/) are curating a show in London for us at the end of June/start of July, heres something I have been working on for it, I will do a full post about it later.


Simplified Science: Evolution

My book is back from the printers ready for the show. I will get some good quality photos up when i sort my website out.
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