Freshers Pack Problems

Well, the fresher pack didn't go to plan. I was in France for a month over the summer, and the deadline for the freshers poster was a couple of weeks after I got back. But while I was out there the deadline got brought forwards to a few days before I flew home. So I had to try and send the files home somehow, baring in mind I was in the middle of the French countryside, wi-fi hotspots arent very common there. But I did manage to get to a Macdonalds and use there wi-fi. I don't know if you have tried sending 2 A2 documents at 300dpi each as Photoshop documents over Macdonalds internet, but it takes a very long time, longer than my battery life. They needed editable files so they could change any info that needed changing, but I could on send them read only files, and things changed, so my poster couldn't be used, oh well, here it is anyway.

The information on the poster is now incorrect. The 2 main typefaces I have used are Franchise and Lobster.

I will post more regularly with some work from my summer project.