freshers again

My brother came up yesterday to help me with photos, we got some really nice shots. The poster is coming on nicely, if you have some 3d glasses you can get the full effect by closing one eye at a time. Not sure about the layout and composition of the photographs and the colour of the background, but you can get the idea.

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More Freshers Pack

Heres some more type ideas i have been playing with today. I need to get a layout sorted tonight, as southampton uni need to see some primary ideas, to make sure all is going ok. My brother is coming to winchester tomorrow to take some photographs for me to use, so i should have some more developed visuals tomorrow.

I also thought I would show to you something that inspired me to do this idea. I first saw this in my very first year of uni, when I was doing fine art. If I remember correctly, they were massive, and they were hung in a shopping mall, with huge sheets of red and blue acetate in front of them, so depending on which position you were in, you could see a different picture



Freshers Pack

So, I'm designing the freshers pack. I'm using 3d glasses, either creating 3d images, or playing with the colours. There's no going back now, 500 glasses have now been ordered!
Heres some ideas I have been playing with, don't be afraid to leave feedback, it's all welcome, good or bad.

Well, it seems like the colours have messed up now I have uploaded them, oh well. But rest assured it looks alot better on my computer. The second image is probably my favourite, this is probably the route I am going to go down, but let me know what you think.
I'm going to france for a month on the 8th, with no internet access, so no blogging for a month. But I will have a month to work on this freshers pack, so I should have some very close to complete work to post.

EDIT: The image of New York in the last image has nothing to do with anything, I just haven't taken any photos of the uni yet.