final prints for world book day stall

I have made 4 prints to sell at the world book day stall on the 3rd of March, next Wednesday, at the Winchester School of Art. I'm selling them for £4 each, is that a fair price? I don't know, I will have to see if they sell.


world book day

The Sauce Collective have been organising an event for World Book Day. I will let Josh from the Sauce Collective explain:

We've been asked (as Sauce Collective) to organise a stall for featuring Graphic Arts students across all 3 years for World Book Day next week.  Students are asked to create 'multiples' such as; books, zines, prints, postcards, greetings cards, that sort of thing.
check out Josh and the Sauce Collective here:

I have left it a little late, but I have got something done. Im going to make this using acetate and the photocopier like I have been doing recently, I really enjoying doing things like this because each one can be slightly different which is quite interesting.

more fmp

I need to get a better phone if i am going to keep doing updates from it
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final major project

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I got bored so i drew something that resembles an owl
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felt tip doodling.

Started with type, then went onto random shapes

edit: i spelt Darwin wrong, dammit
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