So, I spent the day in bed playing around on Photoshop.
I started to try and design a small invite or postcard first,

but then I thought it would be easier to design a poster, to set a strong aesthetic.
I'm trying to design something I can recreate in the darkroom.

I decided to get rid of the angled text because I felt it was clashing with the other text, and it was becoming too angular.

This is my favourite result so far, as I am writing this I just had the thought that the tickets and invitations could follow on the side, creating a kind of jigsaw puzzle, that all links together, and creates a bigger image.

I wanted to add some colour into the design, but still trying to stay true to my first idea of using the darkroom, and not making any major adjustments on the computer, and an obvious idea came to me to me, I could just print them out onto coloured paper.


Fashion Brief

I've stopped playing around in the darkroom for now, and I'm actually trying to come up with an idea for the stand. My aim is to show off the architecture of the campus and its surroundings and attract people into the stand, rather than promote the course, because I think the fashion students portfolios should show of the course.
Heres some ideas I have been playing with to create in the darkroom.