Big Issue

I've been working on my Big Issue project last night and today, now I have finished the final pieces. The aim of the project was to create a campaign to get more people to buy The Big Issue and to clear up some common misconceptions. I decided to use infographics for my campaign, as I found that most people didn't buy The Big Issue because they thought the vendor would use the money to buy alcohol or drugs. So if people could see what the vendors are doing with the money then they would be more willing to buy the magazine.
Part of the brief said that they didn't have a big advertising budget, so I made all the posters in black and white to keep costs down. I also created a website mock up, which would have interactive infographics, where the users can move a slider to see what effect more people buying the magazine would have on the statistics.

Expecting my manifesto and fashion prints back today or tomorrow, so I will get some photos of them up when I get them back.

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